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“Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me does not receive Me, but Him who sent Me.” Mark 9:36-37

Wings For Hope Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to saving orphans and children in need from poverty, rejection, and abandonment. There are several ways that interested families can participate in our work. The first is by hosting. Under the direction of our organization, children from Ukrainian orphanages travel to the Unites States to spend several weeks with American families. The aim of this program is cultural exchange: giving Ukrainian children the experience of family life in the United States and opening the hearts of Americans to these children in need.
Many couples are interested in hosting because they are contemplating adoption. Our hosting program is giving families a chance to have a child in their home and family environment for several weeks without further obligation. Our hosting program is a cultural exchange and public awareness program – not an adoption program. Families do not have to have any intention of adopting in order to participate in our hosting program. However, if at a later time, a family decides to adopt the child they hosted or any Ukrainian orphan, Ty and Sharon will be happy to refer them to competent facilitators and support them to the greatest extent possible.
Most families will build a warm friendship with the child they host. We hope that even after the home stay ends, these families will want to play some role in shaping the child’s destiny by providing the life-changing opportunities that ensure a bright future.
Please do not hesitate to open your home to a Ukrainian child. By providing a few weeks in the United States, you send the message that love and care extend beyond all borders.

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